Step-by-Step Install


The assembly and installation of the Chimney Cap Cleaner is an easy process that only requires two tools: a 7/16″ socket and 7/16″ wrench. After assembling the Chimney Cap Cleaner, the actual installation will take less than five minutes.


Included below are the step-by-step instructions:


Step 1:

Upon opening the box, locate the hardware bag. The bag contains:

  • 4 – ¼” x 1¾” stainless steel bolts
  • 4 – ¼” x ¾” stainless steel bolts
  • 16 – ¼” flat stainless steel washers
  • 8 – ¼” stainless steel lock washers
  • 8 – ¼” stainless steel nuts

Each bolt will use two (2) flat washers, one (1) lock washer and one (1) nut.

Step 2:

Bolt the top of the legs to the four (4) inside corners of the top of the cap. Do not tighten yet.

Step 3:

Bolt the middle of the legs to the two (2) angled pieces like in step 1. Do not tighten yet.

Step 4:

Thread the loose cable end up through the center of the cap and pull through the conduit until the rake is completely snug against the cap.

The unit is now ready to sit on the flue tile or triple wall pipe.

Step 5:

Slide the legs inside the flue tile or triple wall pipe, and fit the two angled pieces to the outside of the flue tile. The unit should be resting on the four (4) 1¾” bolts.

Step 6:

Slowly lower the rake that is attached to the 3/16″ stainless steel cable down the chimney until it rests on the bottom.

Step 7:

Begin tightening the eight (8) corner bolts. Start with the top four (4), followed by the bottom four (4).

The unit is now in place and ready to use.

Step 8:

The loose end of the cable should be very close to the ground.

Step 9:

With gloves on, pull the cable slowly and let it back down. Be careful not to over pull.

Over pull is when you are cleaning with your rake and you pull so hard the Chimney Cap Cleaner comes off the chimney. It will follow the cable. LET GO OF THE CABLE AND RUN.

To prevent this from happening, GENTLY pull the rake to the top. Then use red paint to mark your cable so you will have a pull stop zone. DO NOT LET ROOKIES CLEAN YOUR CHIMNEY.

Step 10:

You can pull the rake up and down until the chimney is clean. A mirror is handy to look up the chimney to check on the progress.

Please Note:

  • When you have competed the cleaning, allow the rake to slide down to the bottom and rest there until the next cleaning.
  • Be sure to clear out the cleanout box.
  • For most wood stoves, the cleaning can be done while in use.

CAUTION: Use eye protection when cleaning, and be careful not to breathe in the dust disturbed by the process.

Measuring Your Cable:

The simple, safe way to get enough cable is to measure the height of your chimney and double it.  

If you are handy, you can do a little better.

You do not want the cable dragging the ground, so do not make it too long.  Also, if there is the remote possibility that children can reach the cable, you will want to coil the cable and secure it on a hook using a step ladder.

Cable is 3/16″ stainless steel and costs $1.00 per foot.